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Bedding Questions

Nope. Our sheets are guaranteed to never pill, discolor, or shred. If they did we would replace them. Our comforter and pillow fill will also never divide or shift, unlike down feathers.

All of our bedding is stain-resistant and easy to wash and care for. Washing instructions can be found here.

Both comforters wick moisture, keep you feeling less humid and much cooler. They’re also both hypoallergenic. The difference is the general feel and your personal preference. Do you prefer a larger, fluffy, down-feeling comforter? If so, go with silk. It’s extremely luxurious, puffier, and mushier. Do you prefer a comforter with a thinner profile to cuddle you up but not too full? The Bamboo comforter is like a super soft quilt and it’s perfect for those who want something that is never going to get too hot.

All our product dimensions are listed on the website size chart.

From a practical point of view, Cozy Earth fabrics are noticeably softer, longer-lasting, and better at regulating temperature than other products. It’s a difference you can feel in any side by side comparisons, even when compared to other bamboo sheets. We invest more in working directly with every single supplier from seed to finished sheet. This means we personally know and regularly communicate with the farmers, the fiber producers, the yarn makers and weavers, treatment facilities, bag makers, label makers…and so on. This access is unprecedented in the bedding industry and it allows us to make unique and better products that will never pill, shred, discolor, or change feel when washed. It’s premium-quality luxury bedding, acutely managed from start to finish. In addition, we only use products that are certified and tested free of harmful chemicals. We personally ensure good working conditions and fair labor practices. Our fiber process recycles water and does not release waste into the environment. Additionally, we avoid the use of caustic chemicals unlike most brands. The result of all of this work is the softest and highest quality bamboo fabric, fiber, and silk made today.

Our founder speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and he, along with our team, has worked years to establish long-lasting relationships and trust with the most responsible and forward-thinking manufacturers on the planet. These hand-selected partners are at the forefront of luxury bedding. Because of this, Cozy Earth is the world’s leader in responsibly sourced, authentic, high-quality bamboo textiles. Cozy Earth is able to guarantee that our process, working conditions, certifications, and products are reaching their potential in quality and sustainability. The vast majority of other bedding companies just buy ready-made products through middlemen and trade companies. We at Cozy Earth believe this is doing the customer a disservice. Instead, we go to the lengths no one else will to ensure that what we do, and how we do it, is best in its category.

Not all bamboo sheets are the same. Similar to other textiles, there is every type of quality from terrible to unbelievably great. Cozy Earth isn’t just another “bamboo sheets” company. We only focus on producing the “unbelievably great” and avoid everything else. This is what has helped us develop a fiercely loyal customer base. We can’t speak for the other companies’ bamboo, but we have gone to great lengths to verify that our bamboo fabric and fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, inhospitable to bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria. It is also temperature regulating and wicks moisture while you sleep. With our bedding you sleep at least 50% less humid and 2-3 degrees cooler.

Bacteria love moisture, so we made sure that our sheets and comforters don’t retain moisture. They also have also been tested and are inhospitable to bacteria such as streptococcus. In contrast, cotton and down feather bedding become damp when you sweat at night. That warm, moist environment is the perfect climate for bacteria to thrive. Cozy Earth bedding doesn’t retain that type of humidity, it’s more breathable, and cleaner too!

Okay, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. The notion that thread count is a measurement of softness or strength is totally wrong. The thing to look for in premium quality sheets is the brand reputation, customer reviews, and return policy. It is well-known that Cozy Earth prides itself on its quality and unique access to fortified supply chains. We have hundreds of 5 Star reviews, we offer a 100 night sleep trial, and offer a 10 year guarantee against discoloration and pilling. That’s why even Cozy Earth 450, 350, and even 200 thread count sheets are all still exponentially softer than a so-called “1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet”. There’s no comparison.

From time to time we do offer promotions via email, so sign up for our email list and you’ll receive them too! One promotion we always have going is our bedding bundles, where you can save 10% when you purchase a comforter and duvet cover with your bamboo sheets.

Orders typically ship within two business days, often within one business day. Tracking information will be emailed to you automatically the moment your order ships.

Contact us and we’ll help you out!

There are three ways to contact us:

Live Chat – visit during business hours and send us a message on the chatbox. If it’s outside of business hours, send an email through the live chat and we typically respond within an hour or two.

Email –

Phone – 855-222-2699 (M-F, 9-5 PM)

Please contact us for information regarding volume orders.

If the order hasn’t shipped yet, we can change the address. If it has shipped or is on the loading dock, we can change the address for a fee, depending on the shipping company. Please contact us as soon as possible for a change of address request.

Contact us ASAP and we will fix any incorrect shipments immediately!

Sure, you can return any products purchased on within 100 days of your original purchase. Just submit a return here or contact us at

Most people find the All Season Weight to be the perfect temperature and weight. It reduces humidity that makes us feel too hot or cold and instead stays warm, dry, and cozy all night long.

For those customers who are extremely cold-natured, live in a drafty home, sleep with the thermostat below 60 degrees, or live in a particularly cold climate may want to consider a Winter Weight Comforter since it has 30% more filling and has a nice bump of insulation. 

Keep in mind you have 100 days to try it out. If you're not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund or exchange it.

Our duvet covers are super easy to put on, you just need to know the trick.

All of our duvet covers come with handy snap ties at the corners and midpoints that perfectly match up to anchor loops on our comforters. Once you secure them the comforter will never shift or move inside the duvet cover. 

For the easiest way to put on the duvet cover follow the steps below:

Turn duvet cover inside out and lay it on the bed with the opening at the top of the bed. 
Lay your comforter on top. 
Connect all ties from the duvet cover to the matching loops on the comforter. 
Start at the bottom and roll the comforter and the connected duvet cover towards the opening of the duvet cover at the top of the bed. 
Once you’ve rolled all the way up to the duvet cover opening, reach inside the opening, grab the entire roll, pull it through the opening, and then unroll it. 
Your duvet cover is now right-side out and the comforter is secure on the inside.

Call or live chat with us if you have any trouble. We're here to help!

Loungewear Questions

Our sleepwear is generously sized for maximum around-the-house comfort. If you’re between sizes, we recommend sizing down for the best fit.

It’s a super-soft bamboo with added stretch for all body types. It stays at the perfect temperature and is oversized for maximum comfort.

Our loungewear is easy to wash, stain-resistant, and easy to care for.

Machine wash cold, normal detergent, no fabric softener, no bleach. Machine dry normally.  To minimize wrinkles, remove from dryer and put on hangers promptly.

Contact us with any additional questions.

We typically avoid dyes, but when needed, we only use responsible dyeing practices and ensure all of our products are free of harmful chemicals.

Our clothing is guaranteed to never pill, discolor, or shred.

Yes! If you would like to try on our loungewear in the comfort of your own home, you can choose the option to “Try Before You Buy” at checkout and you won’t be charged for 30 days. If you return before 100 days, you will not be charged.

Sure, you can return any products purchased on within 100 days of your original purchase. Just submit a return here or contact us at

Cozy Earth is the world’s leader in responsibly sourced, authentic, high-quality bamboo textiles. 

Our thousands of 5-star reviews and unpaid celebrity endorsements speak for themselves.

We obtain certifications and first-hand verifications for our fiber and fabric through a proprietary supply chain. 

Our bedding and clothing are crafted softer and stronger with quality that exceeds anything on the market today.

Cozy Earth fabrics are noticeably softer, longer-lasting, and better at regulating temperature than competing products. 

We are recognized as the world’s leading experts in bamboo textiles. 

We invest more in direct-working relationships with our supply chain. 

We personally know the farmers, fiber producers, yarn makers, weavers, treatment facilities, bag makers, label makers…and so on. 

We have better guarantees and warranty that instill customer confidence. 

All our products are certified and tested free of harmful chemicals. 

We personally ensure working conditions and fair labor practices. 

Our fiber process is patented, recycles water, and does not release waste into the environment. 

We advocate, influence, and help improve all areas of overseas manufacturing.

We would love to hear from you! Live chat with us on our website or send us an email at

Loyalty Questions

1. Login to your Cozy Club account.

2. Add desired items to your cart.

3. Continue to checkout.

4. In your order summary at checkout, click on the desired amount of points you would like to redeem in the dropdown menu.

1. Click on “Cozy Club”

2. Click “Login” 

3. Enter your email address and password.

4. If you have not made an account, simply click “Join Now” to start earning rewards.

Unfortunately no. Discount codes cannot be stacked on top of point redemptions.

Login to your Cozy Club account to be updated on how many points you have earned. Scroll down past your order history and see your amount of points.

Points are redeemable only in the following intervals: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 or 1,000 points per order.

Those points you earned are linked to the email address associated with your previous purchase. If you make an account with that same email address, your points will be applied to the new account.

Unfortunately we can no longer offer Wholesale Customers loyalty points. If you are a Wholesale Customer and currently have points, feel free to redeem them on our main website, but moving forward from January 1, 2021, we no longer can offer points.